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Bureau of Military History 1913-1921 II

Please see the first post on this subject for context and an explanation of the Bureau of Military History. Valentine Jackson was a member of the IRB in the years before the 1916 Rising.[1] He outlines how he had vague … Continue reading

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Rev. Richard Buggy c.1802-1864

The Rev Richard Buggy died on 7 November 1864[1] and at the time was the parish priest of Clonaslee  Catholic parish, Laois. According to his death certificate, he was about 62 years old when he died giving an approx year … Continue reading

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Report of the O’Connell Monument Committee 1888

The following names are listed as subscribers to the O’Connell Monument Committee. They are arranged chronologically and then by subscription area or parish (possibly civil, but this is not stated). [1] £ s d = pounds, shillings, pence No Date … Continue reading

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Evicted Tenants Fund, Laois, Ireland 1882 & 1883

An article in the 30 September 1882 edition of The Freeman’s Journal lists a number of families who received grants following eviction. One family listed is that of G.Buggy, who had four in family, and was from the Ballyroan area … Continue reading

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Irish Newspaper Articles I

Ballinakill, Laois 1895.                                                                                                               Death. BUGGY – May 8, 1895, at Ballinakill, Queens Co, to the inexpressible sorrow of his mother, sister, brother, and a large circle of friends, James Buggy aged 23(? text is worn) years. Office and high mass … Continue reading

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Sentenced to death 1798

The United Irishman Rebellion lasted from May to September in 1798. Fighting was particularly acute in many Leinster counties, most notably Wicklow and Wexford.  An article in The Observer newspaper outlines that at the Maryborough (modern day name is Port … Continue reading

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Civil Registration Death Index Statistics Ireland 1864-1899

I have compiled the numbers of Buggy deaths listed in the 19th century Civil Registration Indexes for Ireland.[1] In total the deaths of 239 Buggy’s were registered between the years 1864-1899 inclusive. The majority of these deaths were reported in … Continue reading

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Murder and Imprisonment 1835-1866

As many of you with the name know, Buggy is rare. Despite this, the name appears in reports, articles and newspapers in relation to appearing in court and serving time in prison. Three such examples are outlined below. The House … Continue reading

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Map of Census of Ireland 1901

I have previously outlined the number of times that the Buggy name appears in the counties of Ireland in the 1901 census. To accompany this I have created a map to show the location of every Buggy that is listed. … Continue reading

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Ballybuggy in Co. Laois, Ireland

There is a townland in county Laois that has the name Ballybuggy. If it was anglicized in the same way as almost all ‘Bally’ place names, then a quick translation would give the name of Buggy’s town. The townland is … Continue reading

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