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Assistant Mine Foreman 1918

A report on mining in the state of Pennsylvania lists a Thomas Buggy of Barnesboro as an assistant mine foreman.[1] To obtain the position he had to pass an examination which was held at the Miner’s Hall in Patten, PA … Continue reading

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Schuylkill County Civil War Volunteer

An entry was found in Biographical and portrait cyclopedia of Schuylkill County….. for a Patrick Buggy who served in the Civil War. The entry is under the heading, “Schuylkill Men In Other Regiments” with the subheading, “the following were volunteers … Continue reading

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Mill Renter, Delaware County, PA

A history of Delaware county, PA, published in the early 20th century, mentions a Michael Buggy is a section about mill owners in the area. [1] [1] Jordan, John, W. (1914) A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and its people, … Continue reading

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US Newspaper Articles VI

Williamstown, PA – 1936                                                                                                              The sparks of a bonfire ignited the warehouse of a local merchant, John P. Buggy.  The west side of the building and the roof were badly damaged. Local firemen removed the merchandise … Continue reading

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US Newspaper Articles V

Manhattan, New York – 1929                                                                                                     John Buggy, who resided at 311 West 118th St was brought before Yorkville Court on a charge of disorderly conduct against his wife. His wife claimed the he only gave her five cents a day … Continue reading

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US Newspaper Articles IV

Shenandoah, PA – 1909                                                                                                                  The Catholic Total Abstinence Union of central Pennsylvania had their three day annual convention at the T.A.B. Hall in Shenandoah 18-21 August. James Buggy of Shamokin, Pa was the secretary for the organization. One hundred delegates … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Naturalization Records 1789-1880

The genealogist P. William Filby is best known for his work on the PILI, Passenger and Immigrant List Index. Beginning in 1980 he edited volumes of the PILI that contained millions of names of from passenger lists and immigration records. … Continue reading

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US Newspaper Articles II

This is the second post that will give an overview of newspaper articles where people with the Buggy name are mentioned. They come from a number of states and cover decades from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Shamokin, Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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McElroy’s Philadelphia Directory 1855

McElroy’s Philadelphia Directory was first published in 1837 and these entries are taken from the 1855 edition. [1] In all, three Buggy men are listed. Two worked in manufacturing in Manayunk and the other worked in the north Pennslyvania area … Continue reading

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Philadelphia City Death Certificates 1856-1913

In the 18th and early 19th centuries the state of Philadelphia had the highest number of people with the Buggy name, as shown in the US Census Series. To try and elaborate on this, I have compiled Buggy names found … Continue reading

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