Names from England Map 1086-1280

I have created a map of England which shows some of the earliest documented examples of Buggy and similar names. The line drawn across the country shows the extent of Viking settlements. These settlements were located in the counties north of the line and as far as the Scottish border.[1]

Chronologically they are:

1086       Buggi     Yorkshire and various in Nottinghamshire

1169       Bugg      Found in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. From The Great Roll of the Pipe for the Sixteenth Year of the Reign of King Henry the Second A.D. 1169-1170 (1885) by The Pipe Roll Society, page 152. Published in London by Wyman and Sons.

1230       Buggy    Godingvold

1230       Bugge   Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Found in Calender of the Records of the Corporation of Gloucester (1893) by W.H. Stevenson, page 134.

1241       Bugg      Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. Found in Records of the Borough of Nottingham: Being a Series of Extracts from the Archives of the Corporation of Nottingham Vol. 1 1155-1399 (1882) edited by W.H. Stevenson, pp. 25-27. Published by Thomas Forman and Sons.

1242       Buggy    Buttermere, Wiltshire

1259       Buggy    Buttermere, Wiltshire

1280       Buggy    Armscote, Warwickshire

[1] Illustration 4 between pages 116-117. Arnold M. (2006) The Vikings: Culture and Conquest. London: Continuum Books.

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