US Censuses 1990 & 2000

The twenty-third census of the United States took place this year. The US census is carried out once every ten years, as mandated by the US Constitution. The Census Bureau has ranked the frequency of second names in the 1990 and 2000 censuses to give an idea of their numbers throughout the country. Generally, only those that appear 100 times or more are counted.

For the 2000 census 369 people had the second name Buggy and the name was joint 52,714th most frequently occurring.[1] For 1990 the number isn’t given but the name was the 65,272nd most frequently occurring.[2] For an equivalent ranking in the 2000 census a second name would need approx 284 people.

[1] Accessed 27 May 2010

[2] Accessed 27 May 2010

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