Census of Canada 1851

A census of population was carried out across much of the British Empire in 1851.  Canada was included as it was part of the empire at the time. The areas enumerated were Canada East (most of current Quebec), Canada West (most of current Ontario), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.[1]

Most of the census was actually carried out in 1852 and is sometimes referred to as the 1852 census. Unfortunately not all of the census returnes have survived so there could be some people with the Buggy surname missing from this post.

In total there are 32 people listed with the Buggy name. All are found in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario in south eastern Canada.

Ontario                                                  14                                                                                    Wolfe Island, Frontenac                     (9)                                                                       Edwardsburgh, Grenville                   (5)

Quebec                                                  11                                                                                   Sainte Catherine, Portneuf                (9)                                                                               Quebec City                                         (2)

New Brunswick                                     7                                                                                    Blackville, Northumberland              (7)

TOTAL                                                 32

View Census of Canada 1851 in a larger map

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