Philadelphia Naturalization Records 1789-1880

The genealogist P. William Filby is best known for his work on the PILI, Passenger and Immigrant List Index. Beginning in 1980 he edited volumes of the PILI that contained millions of names of from passenger lists and immigration records. One of his other notable publications was Philadelphia Naturalization records 1789-1880.

Pennsylvania is the state where the most amount of people with the Buggy name lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The records for three men who applied for US citizenship through courts in Philadelphia are shown. [1] Their names are listed below.

Name                            Former Country          Court                                 Date of Declaration**

Buggy, J.P. (mnr)*     G.Britain & Ireland     Court of Common Pleas  6 October 1865

Buggy, James              G.Britain & Ireland     Court of Common Pleas  13 October 1851                                                                                                                                                       Buggy, Robert             G.Britain & Ireland     Quarter Sessions Court  13 August 1836

*denotes a minor – underage applicant

** Full heading is: Date of Declaration of Intention and/or Oath of Allegiance

[1] Filby, P.H. 1982. Philadelphia Naturalization Records. Detroit: Gale Research Company. p.66.

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