Queensland Australia Vital Records Index 1829-1964

These entries come from the online database index of birth, marriages and deaths for Queensland, Australia’s north eastern state.[1] The records begin in the year 1829 but there are no entries with the Buggy name in the nineteenth century. As with most places, Buggy’s are few and far between.

The birth indexes cover 1829-1924, marriage indexes cover 1829-1924 and death indexes cover 1829-1964.

Name                             Year    Type      Other Names                                   Reg #                    Mary Agnes Buggy      1914    Birth      John Joseph /Mary Culleton        1914/B34034                                                                              (father)           (mother)

Ellen Veronica Buggy  1930   Death      Martin /Catherine Maria Carver 1930/B12674                                                                      (father) (mother)

Martin Joseph Buggy  1918   Marriage Catherine Maria Carver                 1918/C2767                                                                     (wife)

Helena Buggy               1933   Marriage Richard Lawson                              1933/B14768                                                                     (husband)

[1] “BMD Queensland Index Search”. Database. Queensland Government Depaertment of Justice and Attorney General https://www.bdm.qld.gov.au/IndexSearch/mainMenuSubmit.m?main_menu=IndexSearch : 2009

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