US Newspaper Articles IV

Shenandoah, PA – 1909                                                                                                                  The Catholic Total Abstinence Union of central Pennsylvania had their three day annual convention at the T.A.B. Hall in Shenandoah 18-21 August. James Buggy of Shamokin, Pa was the secretary for the organization. One hundred delegates were in attendance and on the first day they enjoyed an outing at Woodland Park.[1]

St. Paul, Minnesota – 1891                                                                                                      Edward Buggy, a teamster employed at Musser, Sauntry and Co in Northern Wisconsin broke a bone in his leg. He was taken to his home in the western part of the city of St. Paul and was attended by Dr. BJ Merrill.[2]

Brooklyn, New York – 1881                                                                                                         John Buggy, 18, of 40 Partition Street, was brought before Justice Walsh charged with malicious mischief. Along with Cornelius Brosnan, 18, of 36 Carroll St, they were both accused of causing damage in Charles Peter’s liquor store. Peter alleged that after they were refused permission to play pool, they smashed a mirror and took a number of bottles of wine and smashed them against the wall.[3]

Troy, Vermont – 1879                                                                                                                       On 10 October 1879 a train belonging to the Michigan Central Railroad Company crashed as Jackson, Michigan.  One of those listed as wounded was a William Buggy of Troy, Vermont. The article says that “the wounded are all doing well and no more deaths are likely to result”.[4]

Cincinnati, OH – 1877                                                                                                                    James Buggy, an unmarried 36 year old man, was arrested for suspected embezzlement from the Adams Express Company. He had worked as a money transfer clerk for the previous twelve years. He was night money clerk up until one year previous, when he was put on day duty. He did not report for work on 1 May. He had previously been “very dissipated” and this lead to an examination of his books. There was enough to warrant calling the police. He was arrested on the night of 1 May “in a house of ill fame in an intoxicated condition.” Buggy lived at 12 East Sixth Street.[5] The next day Buggy waived examination in the Police Court and was bound over on bail of $1500.[6]

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