Poetry of Arthur Upson 1907

In researching the name I have been continuously surprised when and where the Buggy name crops up. Another example of this is the appearance of the name Bogaig in the poetry of Arthur Upson.

Upson was born in Camden, NY in 1887. He worked in the English department at the University of Minnesota. However, he died young, drowning at the age of 31. In 1907, the year before his death, he published The Tides of Spring. This poem is a “dramatic romance” set in Scotland in 1067.[1] The second listed character is Comnall Bogaig, the King’s Steward. The king in question is Donnchad, King of Scotland, with his son Malcolm Ceannmor, the main character.

Most interestingly, the king and son in question are real historical people. Duncan I of Scotland (Donnchad mac Crínáin) was King of Scotland from 1034-1040, with his son Malcolm III of Scotland (Máel Coluim mac Donnchada) serving from 1058-1093. So this story is set nine years into the reign of Malcolm III.

So if these are real historical people, is Comnall Bogaig also a real historical person?

[1] Upson, Arthur. 1907.  The Tides of Spring and Other Poems. Boston: Small, Maynard and Co.

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