New Zeland Newspaper Articles II

This is the second post on articles from New Zealand newspapers.

Grey Mouth – 1866                                                                                                                    Court Case: Seoglund and Purcell v John Buggy. A claim of 1L (pounds) 10s against Buggy, the balance of an account. Judgment by default with costs.[1]

Jackson Bay – 1867                                                                                                                           A story carried by a number of papers in New Zealand was first reported in the West Coast Times. It tells of a community of miner at Jackson Bay who got cut off from supply lines by bad weather and other unfortunate events. Eventually they were reached but they “were nearly mad with hunger”. The miners had to cross a river in a rickety canoe to reach safety. However it got into difficulty in the dangerous conditions. One of the men was James Buggy and he was carried out to sea in the canoe along with another man. That night the canoe and the body of Buggy washed up on the beach. The article says that Buggy was 24 years of age, unmarried and a native of Kilkenny.[2]

Richmond – 1870                                                                                                                         What reads like an editorial piece talks about cases in the Grey Mouth area of babies dying of neglect and the lenient sentence given to the women charged with their care. While not the focus of the article, a brief mention is give to “the case of James Buggy, three months old, son of an unmarried woman, O’Connor, at Richmond”.[3]

Christchurch – 1875                                                                                                                          A letter was read at the Municipal Court on Monday 6 September 1875 asking for permission to erect a temporary verandah over Joseph Buggy’s confectionary shop. Permission was granted with the city surveyor to act as supervisor.[4]

Christchurch – 1880                                                                                                                    Joseph Buggy, High Street – Pastry Chef and wholesale confectioner. Dinners, balls, suppers and picnic parties catered for in a style that cannot be competed with in the colonies. Waiters sent out.[5] The advertisement appears in over 500 editions of this newspaper from 1879-1881.

You can read the first post on New Zealand newspaper articles here.

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