Index to Manhattan Letters of Administration 1743-1949

Along with wills, letters of administration are some of the oldest genealogical documents available for residence of Manhattan. The New York County Surrogates Court has letters of administration beginning in the mid 1740s. However, the first letter of administration granted and recorded for a Buggy was not done so until the 1870s. In all there are four Buggy letters of administration in their records. [1]

Name of Intestate     Administrator   Letter Granted & Recorded  Liber   Page  Bond Book

Buggy, Daniel             Isaac Dayton     27 August 1874                        107      272    PA

Buggy, John                Ann Buggy        25 November 1870                  96        31      145

Buggy, William           Nellie Buggy     20 May 1895                             200     259    318

Buggy, John               Margaret Buggy 12 November 1906                 279     143     411

[1] New York. New York County. Index to Letters of Administration, 1743-1949. Surrogates Court New York County Records Office, 31 Chambers St, Manhattan, NY.

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