US Newspaper Articles V

Manhattan, New York – 1929                                                                                                     John Buggy, who resided at 311 West 118th St was brought before Yorkville Court on a charge of disorderly conduct against his wife. His wife claimed the he only gave her five cents a day to run the household and the presiding magistrate declared that he was the “meanest Scotchman in the world”. Buggy, 26, whose wife said he was “Scotch”, was remanded without bail.[1]

Pottsville, Pennsylvania – 1892                                                                                                      The flooding of a mine caused the death of a number of Italian and American miners. They were working for the Lytle Cola Company near Minersville. Two men were able to escape the flooding and fled to a higher part of the mine. Their names were John Buggy and William Bell. The article reports that William Bell was rescued but there was no mention of John Buggy also being saved.[2]

Philadelphia, PA – 1868                                                                                                                      A petition outlining the signees support for Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax in the upcoming Presidential election of 1868. A William Buggy is listed with the signees using the umbrella term ‘The Manufacturers, Mechanics and Merchants of Philadelphia’. [3]

Lieperville, PA – 1865                                                                                                                         William Wahl was charged with stealing a horse from Michael Buggy, a farmer from Lieperville, Deleware County, PA. The horse was valued at $300 and was stolen on the previous Thursday, when Buggy was in Philadelphia.[4]

Philadelphia, PA – 1863                                                                                                                     A short note on a court case: Michael Buggy v Welling, Coffin and Co. An action to recover an alleged balance on an account. Currently on trial.[5]

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