A Tithe War Attack 1832

Those who do Irish genealogy will be very familiar with the Tithe Applotment Books and Tithe Defaulters Lists. This was a tumultuous time in Irish history with county Kilkenny the epicenter of the campaign. Secret societies such as The Whitefeet, that had been active during the quest for Catholic Emancipation, now turned their attention to the unjust tithes being levied.[1]

During April 1832 a number of attacks were carried out by The Whitefeet in the north Kilkenny area. One such attack was reported in The Glasgow Herald, in its ‘Ireland’ section.[2] On a Tuesday night, the house of William Buggy, of Donoughmore, near Ballyragget, was visited by an armed party of Whitefeet. Two of the men got Buggy on his knees and swore him to give up six acres of land to a man named Fogarty. They also compelled him to make Patrick Phelan give up another acre of the same land. He was then told that both he and Phelan would be shot if the orders of the Whitefeet were not carried out by the next fair day in Ballyragget.

[1] McCormac Stephen. 2005. The Tithe War; Reports by Church of Ireland Clergymen to Dublin Castle in History Ireland, Volume 13, Issue 4 – July/August. Online at http://www.historyireland.com/volumes/volume13/issue4/features/?id=113869 accessed 20 June 2011

[2] Author Unknown, Ireland in The Glasgow Herald, 27 April 1832, p.1; Google News http://news.google.com  accessed 20 June 2011

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