US Newspaper Articles VI

Williamstown, PA – 1936                                                                                                              The sparks of a bonfire ignited the warehouse of a local merchant, John P. Buggy.  The west side of the building and the roof were badly damaged. Local firemen removed the merchandise and extinguished the blaze before serious damage was done.[1]

Mason City, Iowa – 1911                                                                                                               The International Harvester company sent three men to work at a company repair department in Buenos Ayres, Argentina. One of the men was a William Buggy.[2]

Prince Frederick, Maryland – 1908                                                                                         Mary Buggy Ward, 45, was assaulted at her home at Mount Harmony by one of her employees. The Atlanta Constitution named the assailant as John Jones[3]  while The Washington Post named him as John Hadden.[4] She was also robbed of a check having the value of about $40. The culprit was caught trying to cash the check in nearby Barstow. The victim was, at the time, recovering from an operation. In newspaper reports later in the month Hadden’s aliases are listed as John Jones and Arthur Rand. He was from Rand Mills, North Carolina.[5] Sickeningly, it is mentioned a number of times how local people wanted to lynch Hadden, an African American. The accused was held in the home of Buggy Ward, where she identified her assailant, encouraged the lynching and offered to supply the rope. However the local sheriff, E.D. Mead, ensured no such murder would be carried out. While informing those in attendance that Hadden would be kept in Prince Frederick before being removed to Baltimore, he instead brought him to Huntingtown.

Reading, PA – 1902                                                                                                                           A list of miners who have left Williamstown for other towns to seek work. John P. and John Buggy to Renova, PA. Also, John Buggy to Philadelphia.[6]

Reading, PA – 1899                                                                                                                      John Buggy of Williamstown will marry Mary Devany of Tremont at the Tremont Catholic Church in three weeks time.[7]

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