US Newspaper Articles VII

Waukon, Iowa – 1941                                                                                                                     An obituary for Elizabeth Keenan, formerly Buggy, outlines that she was born in Waukon on 19 September 1865. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buggy and was married on 14 October 1903 to Thomas Keenan. They had a farm in the area and she was survived by two daughters, Margaret of Milwaukee and Marion of Waukon and three sons, Ralph, Richard and Walter of Waukon. She was also survived by two sisters Maria Buggy and Mrs. John Keenan of Waukon, along with Mike and John Buggy of the vicinity.[1]

Denver, Colorado – 1933                                                                                                              The name Nora Buggy appears in the obituary of William Fitzgerald from Waukon, Iowa. She was a sister of the deceased and lived in Denver Colorado. Nora’s other sisters were Mrs. Nell Foley and Mrs. Robert Connor and she had a brother Mike Fitzgerald, all of Waukon.[2]

Rochester, NY – 1924                                                                                                                        The funeral of Mrs. Anna Buggy will take place at 8:30 tomorrow (Thursday) morning from the family home, No 27 Washburn Park and at 9am at St. Boniface’s Church. Burial will be in Holy Sepulchre. She leaves four sons, Thomas, John, William and Frank Buggy; four daughters, Minnie, Elizabeth, Mrs. George Halpin and Ella Buggy.[3]

Disco, Illinois -1900                                                                                                                          The Dubuque Daily Herald of Iowa reports a tale of a missing comma which the author believed caused much hilarity. On 7 December 1899 William Buggy became a member of camp No. 6,888 at Disco, Illinois. This must have been some sort of savings or insurance account as the $2,000 certificate was to be made payable to his daughter Annie Buggy on his death. Soon after, on 13 February 1900, William Buggy died of pneumonia. Buggy’s neighbor, Peter J. McGuire, was made guardian to Annie Buggy. According to the author the funny part o the story is that “the following curious file [was] recorded by the clerk of the court – ‘In the matter of the estate of Buggy Annie’”.[4]

New Orleans, LA – 1854                                                                                                               Joe Ferriet and Bartolo Feregent were arrested on Sunday night at the insistence of Mr. George Buggy Lynch, for disturbing the peace of a ballroom. They were fined three dollars each yesterday (Monday) morning.[5]

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