Information Wanted Ads in The Truth Teller 1850-1871

When people emigrated to the US one of the main ways that family and friends tried to find them was through ‘Information Wanted’ adverts in different newspapers. Word of mouth was the key with some reunited and others never to be found. This advertisement comes from the 3 February 1866 edition of The Truth Teller, a New York Catholic newspaper.

Of Mary Buggy, a native of the townland of Ballyuskill, Parish of Ballyraget, County of Kilkenny, Ireland. When last heard from in December, 1851, she was living in New Haven, Connecticut. Any information on her whereabouts will be thankfully received by her father, John Buggy, at 35 John Street, Brooklyn, Long Island, NY.[1]

[1] Murphy DeGrazia, Laura and Fitzpatrick Haberstroth, Diane. 2005. Irish Relatives and Friends: From Information Wanted Ads in The Truth Teller, 1850-1871 .New York: Genealogical Publishing Company, p.255

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