Pigot and Co.’s Provincial Directory of Ireland 1824

Countless individuals give huge amounts of their free time towards making genealogical records more accessible to those conducting family history research. One such person is John Hayes at his website failteromhat.com.

On this site he has various transcriptions and scanned pages from censuses, directories and books. One example is Pigot and Co.’s 1824 Provincial Directory of Ireland. A number of examples of the Buggy/Buggey name can be found within. In Kilkenny City there are three men listed: [1]

Dyers                      Buggey, Michael (and clothier) Irishtown

Leather Sellers      Buggey Wm.                                Coal -market

Rope Makers         Buggey, William                          High St.

This page can be viewed here with all pages, divided by province, being listed here.

[1]Pigot, James and Co., Provincial Directory of Ireland (1824 Dublin), p.163;  John Hayes Failte Romhat,  http://failteromhat.com/pigot/0222.pdf : accessed 21 October 2011

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