Assisted Emigration Castlecomer Estate, Kilkenny 1847-1853

During The Famine many Irish people had their passage paid by landlords to travel to America, Canada and further afield. Lists of these emigrants can be very useful as they often give a townland of origin. Many Buggy’s can trace their origins back to Kilkenny and the Castlecomer area in particular. Below are the names that appear in the papers for the Wandesforde estate in Castlecomer.[1]

Name                    Number in family             Year       Townland

William Buggy    9                                            1847       Castlecomer

James Buggy      8                                            1847       Skehana

[1] Lyng Tom. 1984. Castlecomer Commections. Kilkenny: Castlecomer Historical Society. pp.420-421.

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