Buggy/Ó Bogaig(h) [pronunciation bug-ig/bog-ig] is an Irish name that is associated with the bordering counties of Kilkenny and Laois. Historically, the name is mostly found in the areas of north Kilkenny and south/south-east Laois. The renowned Irish genealogist, Edward MacLysaght (1887-1986), derives the meaning of the name from ‘bog’, the Irish word for soft.[1] Rev. Patrick Woulfe regards the name as a phonetic anglicisation. Most Irish surnames were anglicised in the period 1550-1600, with little regard shown to the original Irish spelling as they were written down.[2] Up to the mid 1900s the name was spelt Ó Bogaig, indeed this is the spelling in Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall.[3] Current spellings show the addition of an ‘h’, giving Ó Bogaigh.[4] Both, of course, are equally valid.

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[2] Sloinnte Gaedeal  is Gall [Irish Names and Surnames] (1906[1923]). Dublin: M.H.Gill and Son. p.24

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2 Responses to Buggy

  1. Mark Buggy says:

    My first and only encounter with the Gaelic version of Buggy came in 1979, when I arrived in my very first Irish class. I introduced myself as Mark Buggy and the teacher translated it as O Bugger ! Or at least it sounded like that to thirty fourteen year old kids.
    I was excused Irish lessons the next day.
    Many thanks for the website research.

  2. Mike Buggy says:

    Buggy/O Bogaig with ending ‘g’ having, a dot ‘.’ (SHAY-VU or BUAILTE) over it.This is to asperate that ‘g’ consonant. In The Gaelic, a consonant, may or may not, be asperated. I beleive for. non Gaelic, standard type/print machines, the “DOT” was substituted witth a following character “H”. Thus OBogaig(.) is OBogaig(h). OBogaigh. My Gaelic -old style- ended in the 1940s, Afew years back I was reading, or attempting to, when the added H jumped out at me !!
    Mise le meas, Micheal OBogaigh, Mike Buggy, Limerick City/Charlestown, MA

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