Schuylkill County Civil War Volunteer

An entry was found in Biographical and portrait cyclopedia of Schuylkill County….. for a Patrick Buggy who served in the Civil War. The entry is under the heading, “Schuylkill Men In Other Regiments” with the subheading, “the following were volunteers from Schuylkill County who served in other Pennsylvania regiments.”[1]

Regular Army  – Fifth Artillery: Patrick Buggy[2]

[1] Wiley, Samuel T. and Ruoff, Henry W. 1893. Biographical and portrait cyclopedia of Schuylkill County Pennsylvania comprising a historical sketch of the county. Philadelphia: Rush West. p.120

[2] Ibid. p.124

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Irish Newspaper Articles II

Dublin, 1862                                                                                                                                        A meeting was held in Dublin on 21 July 1862 to discuss establishing a Catholic University. Many people were in attendance and a list was read out of those who apologized for not being there. Included on the list was John Buggy, Kilkenny. [1]

Kilkenny, 1863                                                                                                                               The Queens at the prosecution of John T. Campion vs the Mayor of Kilkenny.

Mr. O’Donnell, QC on behalf of John Thomas Campion, applied for a conditional order for a mandamus directed to the Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors (sic) of the Borough of Kilkenny, commanding them to proceed to the election of a mayor of that city for the year 1863. From the affidavit filed by Mr. Campion, it appeared that on the 1st of December last the town council of Kilkenny met for the purpose of electing a mayor for the ensuing year, on which occasion Mr. Alexander Collis, and Mr. John Buggy, and on a division being taken, the votes were equal, the numbers being eleven for Mr. Collis, and eleven for Mr. Buggy. Under these circumstances several members of the council maintained that Mr. Edmond Smithwick, being the senior alderman, was entitled, under the 83rd section of the Municipal Act, to give his casting vote, which that gentleman declined to do. Mr. Collis insisted that under the 92nd section of the act, he was empowered to give his casting vote, which he according had recorded in his own favour (sic). Some confusion followed, whereupon Mr. Collis declared the meeting dissolved, and hastily withdrew from the room. Since that period Mr. Collis continued to discharge the functions of the office. Counsel contended that by the 83rd section of the Municipal Act the senior alderman had the right of giving the casting vote, and submitted that as Mr. Collis had evidently committed a mistake, he was entitled to the granting of the conditional order.

The Court granted the conditional order.[2]

Dublin, 1928                                                                                                                                      Owing to the steering gear becoming locked one of Messrs. Peter Kennedy’s vans when driven through a gateway at Tallaght yesterday failed to turn; it mounted the opposite bank and overturned, the windscreen being broken. The driver, Patrick Buggy, of 9 Grattan Parade, Dublin, was taken to the Meath hospital suffering from shock. After some time he was allowed to go home.[3]

Kilkenny, 1932                                                                                                                            While returning from Bagenalstown, a pony driven by Mr. Patrick Buggy, engineer, Gowran, shied and overturned the trap. Mr. Buggy was pinned beneath it and sustained a broken arm and severe head injuries. He lies in Kilkenny Hospital in a serious condition.[4]

Dublin, 1935                                                                                                                                      In an action by Peter Kennedy, Ltd., and an employe (sic) of the firm named Patrick Buggy, against Harold Thompson, 102 South Circular Road, for damages and personal injury that were caused by the negligence of the defendant in the driving and control of a motor car at Ballymount lane on the 6th April 1934, a settlement was arrived at, and, by consent decrees amount to £120, with £40 costs were recorded.[5]

You can read more Buggy articles from Irish newspapers here.

[1] Author Unknown, The Roman Catholic University in The Irish Times, 22 July 1862, p.3; New York Public Library, microfilm number ZY-21 July-December 1862

[2] Author Unknown, Law Intelligence, Court of Queens Branch in The Irish Times, 20 April 1863, p.4; New York Public Library, microfilm number ZY-21 January-June 1863

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[5] Author Unknown, Running Down Case Settled in The Irish Times, 10 April 1935, p.3; New York Public Library, microfilm number ZY-21 March-April 1935

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Kings County Surrogates Court 1684 – 1923

These are the entries for Buggy, and variant spellings, found in the index cards at the Kings County (Brooklyn) Surrogates Court.[1] All information has been transcribed as found in the index cards. Digitized documents for some of these index entries can be found here.

Buggie, Caroline / 826-29

Buggy, Addie / Guardianship / Date: 8 November 1875 / Letters L.11 P.363 / Bonds L.30 P.40

Buggy, Addie / Guardianship / Date: 13 April 1908 / Letters L.45 P.260 / Bonds L.109 P.192

Buggy, Alovine D., formerly Mehoff and others / Administration / Letters L.102 P.59 / Bonds L.174 P.75

Buggy, Elizabeth A. / Guardianship / Date: 9 April 1908 / Letters L.45 P.206 / Bonds L.109 P.184

Buggy, Ellen / Guardianship / Date: 8 November 1875 / Letters L.11 P.362 / Bonds L.30 P.39

Buggy, John /Guardianship / Date: 8 November 1875 / Letters L.11 P.362 / Bonds L.30 P.38

Buggy, John / Administration / Date: 3 August 1905 / Letters L.132 P.307 / Bonds L.211 P.66

Buggy, Margaret / Final Accounting Decree / L.109 P.294

Buggy, Mary / Administration / Date: 9 April 1908 / Letters L.150 P.276 /Bonds L.231 P.76

[1] New York. Kings County. Index to Wills, Letters of Administration and other documents. 1662-1945. Surrogates Court Kings County, 2 Johnson St, Brooklyn, NY.

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K.T. Buggy – Archive Listing

This entry is about an archival listing that gives the location of a letter written by H.T. Buggy (almost certainly K.T Buggy) to Thomas Perronet Thompson on 13 March 1838.[1]

This listing outlines that the letter is currently held at Brotherton Library at Leeds University, England.

The subject of the letter is in relation to the charge of corruption against Buggy that was made, presumably by Thompson, and also requests an answer as to why those charges were made.

Please see the comments on this article for more information on this K.T. Buggy and other family members.

[1] Access to Archives, Part of the UK archives network, accessed 16 April 2012

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Married in Washington DC 1844

An entry in the publication Historic Court Records of Washington DC outlines that Catherine Fenton married Patrick Buggy on 23 October 1844.[1]

This is the only information that is given.

[1] Walker, Homer, A. Unknown Publication Year. Historic Court Records of Washington DC, Volume 5, Marriage Records from Eader to Gregor. Washington DC: Lucinda Walker p.436; available online at FamilySearch Books : accessed 10 April 2012

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Manchester, England Catholic Parishes

The Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society have a number of resources available on their website that are free to search. One of these is the Catholic Register Index and is described as “An index to persons named in a number of Roman Catholic registers which have been transcribed and/or indexed by the Society’s Irish Ancestry Branch.”

A search for Buggy showed the following entries:[1]

1847       Baptism Buggy Margaret

Godmother of Mary Stapleton at Manchester, St. Wilfrid, Hulme

1858       Baptism Buggy  Helena

Godmother of Gulielmus Magee at Manchester, St. Wilfrid, Hulme

1870       Baptism Buggy  Ellen

Godmother of James Magee of Manchester, St. Wilfrid, Hulme

1880       Marriage Buggy Thomas

Witness to Marriage of Petrum Fitzsimmons and Margaritam Motely at Manchester, St. Wilfrid, Hulme

You can search this and other data sets here:

[1] “MLFHS Catholic Register Index Search Results”, database, ( : accessed 21 March 2012), entry for Buggy, 1847-1880; citing Roman Catholic Parish Registers for St. Wilfrid Parish Manchester England

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Mill Renter, Delaware County, PA

A history of Delaware county, PA, published in the early 20th century, mentions a Michael Buggy is a section about mill owners in the area. [1]

[1] Jordan, John, W. (1914) A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and its people, Volume 1. New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company. P.375

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