A load of old manure

Genealogists are never surprised at where they can find relevant information about an ancestor or for a one name study such as this. This weeks post comes from an entry in the 1901 annual report for the New York City Department of Parks and mentions how Michael Buggy was paid $31.25 on 13 February 1900 for 25 loads of manure.[1] The entry is in the ‘Expenditures of the Department of Parks of the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens’ section.

[1] Department of Parks, City of New York. 1901. Annual Report for the year ending December 31 1900. New York: Martin B. Brown Co. p.79

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Ellis Island Wall of Honor

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island commemorates the names of immigrants who came to America. Not every immigrant is listed, but they, or their descendants, can have the relevant names added. These are the Buggy names that are on the wall.

You can find more information about the wall of honor here.

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Accusation of illegal voting 1888

On 12 February 1889 votes were recounted in an election for state representatives from Clark, Co. Missouri. He recount was ordered by the state house of representatives and carried out by the clerk of the county court of Clark County.

Amid the accusations that some ballots were illegal cast was the following: “That Michael Buggy, who voted at Union township precinct No.1, who cast his ballot at said election, November 6, 1888, and whose vote was counted for Nathanial T. Cherry, was a minor, and that his said ballot is illegal and cannot be counted for said Nathanial T. Cherry.”[1]

[1] Author Unknown. 1889. Journal of the House of Representatives of the Thirty Fifth General Assembly of the State of Missouri. Jefferson City, MO: Tribune Printing Company, p.1024.

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Guinness Employment Records c.1880-2000

The Guinness brewery in Dublin is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ireland. On their website they have a section of interest to genealogists, employment records.

A search of the indexes shows that at least two Buggy’s worked there. [1]

Patrick Buggy: Born 14 October 1878/ Died Unknown/ Date Commenced Employment 3 December 1892/ Occupation Labourer

Julia M. Buggy: Born  4 August 1915/ Died 25 January 1988/ Date Commenced Employment  15 January 1943/ Occupation Dishwasher

More information, including employee numbers, can be found in the indexes.

[1] Guinness-storehouse.com, Trace You Guinness Roots. http://www.guinness-storehouse.com : Accessed 15 February 2011

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Arson in Cavan 1886

Cavan is not a county associated with the Buggy name and a 19th century inquiry into jury assizes outlines how a George Buggy was charged with arson. The Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland was questions as to whether he knew about the number of jurors sworn in at a spring session of Cavan assizes. During this querying it was outlined that Robert Bell and George Buggy were charged with setting fire to a byre in Clonloskan.[1] This is the name of a townland in Kilmore civil parish. The question was posed in Parliament on 18 March 1886.

[1] Hansard, Thomas. 1886. Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates, Third Series Commencing With The Accession of William IV, Vol CCCIII. London: Buck and Son p.1154

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Assisted Emigration Castlecomer Estate, Kilkenny 1847-1853

During The Famine many Irish people had their passage paid by landlords to travel to America, Canada and further afield. Lists of these emigrants can be very useful as they often give a townland of origin. Many Buggy’s can trace their origins back to Kilkenny and the Castlecomer area in particular. Below are the names that appear in the papers for the Wandesforde estate in Castlecomer.[1]

Name                    Number in family             Year       Townland

William Buggy    9                                            1847       Castlecomer

James Buggy      8                                            1847       Skehana

[1] Lyng Tom. 1984. Castlecomer Commections. Kilkenny: Castlecomer Historical Society. pp.420-421.

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Holahan & Buggy, Waukon, Iowa

I have previous come across references to Buggy’s from Waukon, Iowa in a US newspaper obituary. History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties, Iowa contains a few paragraphs about a metal work firm that was owned and operated by James Holohan and Michael Buggy in Waukon.[1] The entry includes some relevant genealogical information for Buggy.

You can read the publication here.

[1] Alexander, W.F. 1882. History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties, Iowa: Sioux City: Western Publishing Company. p.502.

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