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Church Records Dublin Ireland 18th Century

In Ireland most people will be able to trace their families back to the first half of the 19th century. Trying to go back into the 1700s, and beyond, can be a hit-and-miss affair. It all depends on location, religion, … Continue reading

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Old Paulstown Stories blog

I have built up a considerable amount of genealogical and historical research about the village of Paulstown in county Kilkenny, Ireland. This was where I grew up before moving to the US. Today, I have begun a new blog, Old … Continue reading

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Land Survey of Ireland 1876

This land survey is a record of all land owners who owned at least one acre at the time.[1] It was commissioned by the Lord Lieutenant in 1872.[2] The survey was conducted before the wholesale transfer of land to the … Continue reading

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Plantation Slaves 19th Century

Despite the relative scarcity of the Buggy name I have increasingly found it in many parts of the world. Along with the US state of Georgia, one of the more surprising places is in the names of slaves in Jamaica … Continue reading

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What follows below is the extent of my efforts so far to answer the question of the origins of the name Bogaig. For much of this entry I owe a great debt to Ronnie and Maire Black for their efforts … Continue reading

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