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Irish Newspaper Articles II

Dublin, 1862                                                                                                                                        A meeting was held in Dublin on 21 July 1862 to discuss establishing a Catholic University. Many people were in attendance and a list was read out of those who apologized for not being there. Included on the … Continue reading

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Guinness Employment Records c.1880-2000

The Guinness brewery in Dublin is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ireland. On their website they have a section of interest to genealogists, employment records. A search of the indexes shows that at least two Buggy’s worked … Continue reading

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Irish Newspaper Articles I

Ballinakill, Laois 1895.                                                                                                               Death. BUGGY – May 8, 1895, at Ballinakill, Queens Co, to the inexpressible sorrow of his mother, sister, brother, and a large circle of friends, James Buggy aged 23(? text is worn) years. Office and high mass … Continue reading

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List of Freeholders Dublin 1831

‘Forty shilling freeholders’ owned or rented land of, or above, that value. Having land of this value allowed these people to vote up to 1829 when the Catholic Relief Act raised the sum. Numerous lists for different counties and different … Continue reading

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Civil Registration Death Index Statistics Ireland 1864-1899

I have compiled the numbers of Buggy deaths listed in the 19th century Civil Registration Indexes for Ireland.[1] In total the deaths of 239 Buggy’s were registered between the years 1864-1899 inclusive. The majority of these deaths were reported in … Continue reading

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List of Freeholders and Freemen Dublin 1773

Lists of freeholders, voters and freemen can sometimes be a worthwhile genealogical resource to use. However, this can depend on the socio-economic standing of your ancestors. In Ireland, a large majority of the population was disenfranchised, primarily based on religious … Continue reading

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Church and Civil Records from Ireland (II)

This is the second post which will give examples of church (baptisms, marriages and deaths) and civil records (births, marriages and deaths or BMDs) from different counties in Ireland that have the Buggy name.[1] As in the first post the … Continue reading

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