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Poetry of Arthur Upson 1907

In researching the name I have been continuously surprised when and where the Buggy name crops up. Another example of this is the appearance of the name Bogaig in the poetry of Arthur Upson. Upson was born in Camden, NY … Continue reading

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New Zealand Newspaper Articles

Various articles from digitalized newspapers in New Zealand. More articles to follow in future posts. Dunedin – 1864                                                                                                                               John Buggy was charged under the Vagrancy Act with having no visible lawful means of support. He had been known to the … Continue reading

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Spanish American War 1898 – New York Veterans

The Spanish-American War was a brief affair fought in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and The Philippines. Many Irish-American and Irish born men fought with the US forces. From the state of New York there is one Buggy listed on page … Continue reading

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US Newspaper Articles IV

Shenandoah, PA – 1909                                                                                                                  The Catholic Total Abstinence Union of central Pennsylvania had their three day annual convention at the T.A.B. Hall in Shenandoah 18-21 August. James Buggy of Shamokin, Pa was the secretary for the organization. One hundred delegates … Continue reading

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Queensland Australia Vital Records Index 1829-1964

These entries come from the online database index of birth, marriages and deaths for Queensland, Australia’s north eastern state.[1] The records begin in the year 1829 but there are no entries with the Buggy name in the nineteenth century. As … Continue reading

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