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List of Freeholders Dublin 1831

‘Forty shilling freeholders’ owned or rented land of, or above, that value. Having land of this value allowed these people to vote up to 1829 when the Catholic Relief Act raised the sum. Numerous lists for different counties and different … Continue reading

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US Newspaper Articles VI

Williamstown, PA – 1936                                                                                                              The sparks of a bonfire ignited the warehouse of a local merchant, John P. Buggy.  The west side of the building and the roof were badly damaged. Local firemen removed the merchandise … Continue reading

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A Tithe War Attack 1832

Those who do Irish genealogy will be very familiar with the Tithe Applotment Books and Tithe Defaulters Lists. This was a tumultuous time in Irish history with county Kilkenny the epicenter of the campaign. Secret societies such as The Whitefeet, … Continue reading

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The Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674-1913

The Old Bailey is the central criminal court in England. A fantastic project has digitalized the entire set of court records from these years. Like many trials of years gone by they make for some fascinating reading. For all the … Continue reading

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Buggy vs Buggy in Victoria, Australia 1883

On 15 October 1883 a case came before the courts in the colony of Victoria, Australia concerning six members of the same Buggy family.[1] The mother, Margaret Buggy, had died on 5 June 1881 without leaving a will. She had … Continue reading

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