Bureau of Military History 1913-1921 I

On 7 August 2012 the Defense Forces Ireland and the National Archives of Ireland released digitized witness statements from over one thousand people who participated in the revolutionary period from 1913-1921. They were recorded by the Bureau of Military History from 1947-1957.

The Buggy name is mentioned in these witness statements a number of times:

Sean Glancy from Co. Leitrim was a member of the Irish Volunteers and the North Roscommon brigade.[1] After an ambush at Keadue, Roscommon, Glancy and a number of other men were arrested. They were eventually taken to the military barracks in Boyle, Roscommon.

There the Military Provost, Sergeant Buggy, is alleged to have assaulted the men a number times including kicking them down steps and hitting them with his revolver.[2] After a while in their cells the men discovered they could open the doors. However, Buggy heard noise one night and put padlocks on their cell doors.[3]

Harry Phibbs was interviewed about Irish National Clubs in the first decade of the twentieth century.[4] One that he talks about was The Confederate Club. This was an athletic and social club that had a nationalist outlook. He outlines that a man named Buggy [no first name given] was a member, along with former President of Ireland, Sean T. O’Kelly.[5]

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