Guinness Employment Records c.1880-2000

The Guinness brewery in Dublin is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ireland. On their website they have a section of interest to genealogists, employment records.

A search of the indexes shows that at least two Buggy’s worked there. [1]

Patrick Buggy: Born 14 October 1878/ Died Unknown/ Date Commenced Employment 3 December 1892/ Occupation Labourer

Julia M. Buggy: Born  4 August 1915/ Died 25 January 1988/ Date Commenced Employment  15 January 1943/ Occupation Dishwasher

More information, including employee numbers, can be found in the indexes.

[1], Trace You Guinness Roots. : Accessed 15 February 2011

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2 Responses to Guinness Employment Records c.1880-2000

  1. Ashley Duncan says:

    Hello. My father worked at the Guinness brewery in the 1960s, he passed away in 1997. We are trying to write a book about his life and would be very grateful if you could provide us with some information about his time there. Many thanks.

  2. Frances flynn says:

    Would u b able to tell me who was the oldest man to b given a job at Guiness Brewery my father worked there in the 1960 s thank you

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