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Bureau of Military History 1913-1921 II

Please see the first post on this subject for context and an explanation of the Bureau of Military History.

Valentine Jackson was a member of the IRB in the years before the 1916 Rising.[1] He outlines how he had vague recollections of a man by the name of Buggy being a member of the central board of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. This man obviously did not make an impression on Valentine as he further adds that “Buggy…for instance disappeared early.”[2] This person could be the James Buggy that former Irish President Sean T O’Kelly talks about in his witness statement, when discussing the members of the Supreme Council of the IRB.

James Brennan was a captain in the Third Battalion Kilkenny Brigade of the Irish Volunteers from 1914.-1921.[3] One of the safe houses used by the Volunteers was that of Dick Buggy who lived at Gortnahile [presumably Gortahile, in Laois, on the border with Kilkenny to the east of Castlecomer].[4]

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Bureau of Military History 1913-1921 I

On 7 August 2012 the Defense Forces Ireland and the National Archives of Ireland released digitized witness statements from over one thousand people who participated in the revolutionary period from 1913-1921. They were recorded by the Bureau of Military History from 1947-1957.

The Buggy name is mentioned in these witness statements a number of times:

Sean Glancy from Co. Leitrim was a member of the Irish Volunteers and the North Roscommon brigade.[1] After an ambush at Keadue, Roscommon, Glancy and a number of other men were arrested. They were eventually taken to the military barracks in Boyle, Roscommon.

There the Military Provost, Sergeant Buggy, is alleged to have assaulted the men a number times including kicking them down steps and hitting them with his revolver.[2] After a while in their cells the men discovered they could open the doors. However, Buggy heard noise one night and put padlocks on their cell doors.[3]

Harry Phibbs was interviewed about Irish National Clubs in the first decade of the twentieth century.[4] One that he talks about was The Confederate Club. This was an athletic and social club that had a nationalist outlook. He outlines that a man named Buggy [no first name given] was a member, along with former President of Ireland, Sean T. O’Kelly.[5]

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Australian Newspaper Articles II

Sydney – 1935                                                                                                                                Buggy – The relatives and friends of Constable Noel Thomas Buggy and Daphne of 56 Liverpool St, Rose Bay, are informed that the funeral of his late beloved wife and her dear mother Mrs. Galdys Muriel Buggy will leave St. Mary Magdalene’s Church, Rose Bay, this Wedensday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock for the Catholic cemetery, South Head.                    W.N. Bull Limited, Funeral Directors[1]

Warrnambool, Victoria – 1918                                                                                                            A meeting of Belfast Shire Council approved the following accounts for payment:               Thomas Buggy, stone crusher, 33 s. [shillings][2]

Liverpool, New South Wales – 1902                                                                                   Impounded in the Liverpool pound…..also on January 2nd 1902, from Hoxon Park, by Thomas Buggy: one dark yellow small sized poley cow, in good condition (in milk), in calf, piece out of near ear, off ear split in two places, branded like ‘n’ over V off rump – the V brand is put in flesh. If not released the above will be sold at the pound at noon on January 23rd, 1902.                                                                                                                                                L. Murphy, Poundkeeper.[3]

Sydney – 1880                                                                                                                              Laughin Buggy was appointed to the Public School Board for Public School District No. 6 in Sydney.[4]

Sydney – 1857                                                                                                                             William Thomas was charged with stealing a horse, saddle and bridle from Laughlin Buggy. Buggy worked as a publican at Cabramatta and this was also where the horse and associated items were stolen. Thomas worked for Buggy from 16 May before absconding on 1 June . The mare was found to be missing on 31 May and was found about five miles from Buggy’s house on 1 June.[5]

You can find most Buggy examples from Australian newspapers in Australian Newspaper Articles I.

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British Newspaper Articles

Derby – 1882                                                                                                                                   The St. John Ambulance Association in Burton-on Trent awarded certificates to between 60 and 70 people who completed their first aid course. A James Buggy was one of those to receive a certificate.[1]

Liverpool – 1878                                                                                                                               Inspector James Buggy was reported as giving evidence at the inquest of the deaths of 37 people who lost their lives at the Colosseum (sic) Theatre fire on Paradise St, Liverpool, in 1878.[2]

Liverpool – 1857                                                                                                                          Street Assault  – Patrick Buggy and William Rose were charged with seizing John Shelly by the throat in Lime Street, knocking him down, and robbing him of 5s. Buggy was fined 40s. and costs, or to be imprisoned for two months; Rose was discharged.[3]

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US Newspaper Articles IX

Manhattan, NYC – 1899                                                                                                          Surrogate’s Court – Chambers – Before Varnum, S. – Will for probate: Mary Buggy at 10am.[1]

Manhattan, NYC – 1890                                                                                                               The article outlines the names of banks that went into liquidation between 1871-1879 and the names of those who had savings with those banks exceeding $5. One bank listed is the German Uptown Savings Bank of New York where Mary Buggy was a customer.[2]

Cincinnati, Ohio – 1869                                                                                                               John Buggy bought land from J M Humble(?) and his wife on the north side of Hopkins St between Linn and Baymiller streets. Size of plot was 30 x 102.5 feet and was leased for $2600.[3]

You can read other posts containing examples found in American newspapers at US Newspaper Articles VIII, US Newspaper Articles VII, US Newspaper Articles VI, US Newspaper Articles V, US Newspaper Articles IV, US Newspaper Articles III, US Newspaper Articles II and US Newspaper Articles I.

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Canadian Newspaper Articles

Montreal – 1943                                                                                                                              Mary Angela (Molly) Buggy, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Buggy, married Leo James Cogan on 5 June 1943. Patrick Buggy is from Kilkenny, Ireland. The marriage took place in the Lady Chapel of St. Patrick’s Church.[1]

Renfrew County, Ontario – 1881                                                                                               Patrick Buggy is listed as ‘Commissioner for taking affidavits in the Queen’s Bench, in and for the county of Renfrew’ on a Chattel Mortgage for the selling of two horses.[2]

Toronto – 1881                                                                                                                          William Buggy was before the police court on Monday morning accused of having been drunk on the previous Saturday. When asked if he had been drunk he shook his head. However, he was found guilty and given thirty days in jail.[3]

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