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List of Freeholders and Freemen Dublin 1773

Lists of freeholders, voters and freemen can sometimes be a worthwhile genealogical resource to use. However, this can depend on the socio-economic standing of your ancestors. In Ireland, a large majority of the population was disenfranchised, primarily based on religious … Continue reading

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Queens County, New York Surrogates Court 1892-1936

Wills and letters of administration can prove to be an excellent resource when conducting family history research. Many family members can often be named, along with other valuable details. This short listing of Buggy’s comes from the borough of Queens … Continue reading

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Slater’s National Commercial Directory of Ireland 1846

The expanded version of Slater’s National Commercial Directory of Ireland began in 1846 and was published intermittently for the rest of the century.[1] It was very much the successor to Pigot’s Commercial Directory of Ireland which began publication in the … Continue reading

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American Revolutionary War era 1774-1782

Prior to the American Revolutionary War (War of Independence) a steady but unspectacular trickle of people had emigrated from Ireland to the US. However, this did lead to many Irish born people fighting against the British forces. I have come … Continue reading

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Naturalization Indexes New York City 1857-1892

Naturalization documents can often prove to be very helpful for anyone doing research on their immigrant ancestors. The process usually had three stages: declaration of intent, petition for naturalization and certificate of naturalization, with the immigrant usually applying at their … Continue reading

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