US Newspaper Articles IX

Manhattan, NYC – 1899                                                                                                          Surrogate’s Court – Chambers – Before Varnum, S. – Will for probate: Mary Buggy at 10am.[1]

Manhattan, NYC – 1890                                                                                                               The article outlines the names of banks that went into liquidation between 1871-1879 and the names of those who had savings with those banks exceeding $5. One bank listed is the German Uptown Savings Bank of New York where Mary Buggy was a customer.[2]

Cincinnati, Ohio – 1869                                                                                                               John Buggy bought land from J M Humble(?) and his wife on the north side of Hopkins St between Linn and Baymiller streets. Size of plot was 30 x 102.5 feet and was leased for $2600.[3]

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[1] Author Unknown, Court Calendars for Today in The New York Herald, 28 November 1899,  p.12; America’s Historical Newspapers  accessed 18 August 2011

[2] Author Unknown, Money to be Called For in The New York Herald Tribune, 24 July 1890,  p.5; America’s Historical Newspapers  accessed 18 August 2011

[3] Author Unknown, Real Estate Transfers in The Cincinnati Commercial Tribune, 14 May 1869, p.5;America’s Historical Newspapers  accessed 18 August 2011

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