US Newspaper Articles III

Owingsville, Kentucky – 1906                                                                                                        On 26 April 1903, Patrick Buggy, age 40, took his own life using carbonic acid at St. Josephs Infirmary. He was from Seattle and was employed as a turfman by Edward Corrigan, the horse trainer.[1]

Brooklyn, New York – 1890                                                                                                             Two men, Michael Buggy and James Welch attacked William Jackson in the building that the three lived in at 118 John St Brooklyn. All the men were between the ages of 40 and 50 and got into a row over “some trivial matter”. The police were summoned and stopped the fight. All were arrested and charged with assault. [2]

Manhattan, New York -1884                                                                                                          Alfred L. Dupont, a French speaking messenger, of 21 South 5th Avenue appeared in front of Justice Duffy at the Tombs Police Court to make a complaint against William Buggy. Dupont, through an interpreter, alleged that Buggy, “a rosy cheeked man who said he lived at 429 Washington St” tried to run down a lady he was in the company of when they were crossing St John’s lane at Laight Street. Dupont went on to say that he got between the woman and the horse and brought it to a halt. Buggy then supposedly got down from his cart, verbally abused Dupont and assaulted him, knocking his tooth out. Justice Duffy took the tooth and commented that it was a back tooth that looked like it had been drawn three or four days previously. The arresting policemen said he arrived at the scene immediately and DuPont was not bleeding. As a result Buggy was released without charge.[3]

Brooklyn, NY -1873                                                                                                                        On a list of employees of the Board of City Works, a James Buggy, is listed as working as a ‘beserman’ and earning a salary of $700 per year.[4]

Newport, RI – 1834                                                                                                                   James Buggy – A list of names for whom letters remain at the Post Office as of 5 March 1834.[5]

US Newspaper Articles I and US Newspaper Articles II

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