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US Newspaper Articles V

Manhattan, New York – 1929                                                                                                     John Buggy, who resided at 311 West 118th St was brought before Yorkville Court on a charge of disorderly conduct against his wife. His wife claimed the he only gave her five cents a day … Continue reading

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Poetry of Arthur Upson 1907

In researching the name I have been continuously surprised when and where the Buggy name crops up. Another example of this is the appearance of the name Bogaig in the poetry of Arthur Upson. Upson was born in Camden, NY … Continue reading

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Buggy Name Histroy and DNA Genealogy

This post marks the first anniversary of the Buggy Name History blog. Little did I think that when I started out with a few articles that I would be finding the Buggy name in countless record sets. With Buggy being … Continue reading

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What follows below is the extent of my efforts so far to answer the question of the origins of the name Bogaig. For much of this entry I owe a great debt to Ronnie and Maire Black for their efforts … Continue reading

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Census of England, Scotland and Wales 1841

The 1841 census was the first to be carried out after the 1836 General Registration Act and as a result it was carried out by the Registrar General. It became a more complete census than those that had gone before … Continue reading

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