Canadian Newspaper Articles

Montreal – 1943                                                                                                                              Mary Angela (Molly) Buggy, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Buggy, married Leo James Cogan on 5 June 1943. Patrick Buggy is from Kilkenny, Ireland. The marriage took place in the Lady Chapel of St. Patrick’s Church.[1]

Renfrew County, Ontario – 1881                                                                                               Patrick Buggy is listed as ‘Commissioner for taking affidavits in the Queen’s Bench, in and for the county of Renfrew’ on a Chattel Mortgage for the selling of two horses.[2]

Toronto – 1881                                                                                                                          William Buggy was before the police court on Monday morning accused of having been drunk on the previous Saturday. When asked if he had been drunk he shook his head. However, he was found guilty and given thirty days in jail.[3]

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