K.T. Buggy – Archive Listing

This entry is about an archival listing that gives the location of a letter written by H.T. Buggy (almost certainly K.T Buggy) to Thomas Perronet Thompson on 13 March 1838.[1]

This listing outlines that the letter is currently held at Brotherton Library at Leeds University, England.

The subject of the letter is in relation to the charge of corruption against Buggy that was made, presumably by Thompson, and also requests an answer as to why those charges were made.

Please see the comments on this article for more information on this K.T. Buggy and other family members.

[1] Access to Archives, Part of the UK archives network,  http://nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=206-ms277&cid=3-9&kw=buggy#3-9 accessed 16 April 2012

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