Australian Newspaper Articles

More newspaper articles featuring the Buggy name, this time from Australia.

Melbourne – 1911                                                                                                                           Death Notice: On 15 March, Melbourne, Victoria, James Buggy, dearly beloved second son of Mr. and Mrs. James Buggy of Kellerberrin and brother of Martin and Edward Buggy, and Mrs. Brimstone, age 37.[1]

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia -1903                                                                                    Edward Buggy served as a juror in the case of Antill vs Reynolds.[2]

Melbourne – 1898                                                                                                                           On 7 March Edward Buggy was charged at South Melbourne County with using obscene language on the previous Saturday night on Clarendon Street. He had an altercation with a man at a coffee stall and “made use of very bad language”. His brother, Martin Buggy, tried to stop him being arrested and he was then also arrested. Edward was fined “£1, in default seven days imprisonment” and Martin was fined “£3, in default twenty one days imprisonment”.[3]

Melbourne – 1869                                                                                                                        John Buggy, appearing in court on 16 December and charged with insulting behavior, was discharged as the prosecutrix (prosecution?) did not appear.[4]

Melbourne – 1860                                                                                                                              If this should meet the eye of Bridget and Ann Buggy of Kilkenny, Ireland, they will hear of their brothers, James and Patrick Buggy, by applying at the Kerry Hotel, King Street.[5] Each Missing Friend article has a number on the bottom right hand corner of the notice. The number for this notice is 718.

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